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Our Family Business

60 Years…that’s over 85% of the lifespan of the Red Angus Association of America (RAAA), and almost 9 times the lifespan of the average purebred breeder. In 2024, Halfmann Land & Livestock will celebrate their 60th anniversary of supplying Red Angus genetics to ranchers in Texas, the Gulf Coast and the Southern Plains. However the history of our family’s partnership with this land and contribution to agriculture started much earlier.

Through the Years....

The History of Halfmann Land & Livestock, LLC.


Joan Schliker marries Margarethta Meybaum (the eldest child of a farmer).  It was customary for the eldest son to inherit the farm, but having no brothers, Margarethta assumes that role.  The couple share cropped the farm with Margarethta's father (half & half), taking the last name Halfmann (prounounced "HAAlf-man").


4 generations later, Johan Heinrich Halfmann is born.


Johan Heinrich "Henry" Halfmann moves from Ludinghausen, Prussia (Germany) to Texas settling near Frelsburg, Texas.  He then moves to Runnels county in pursuit of land.


Glen Halfmann is born (great-grandson to Johan Heinrich Halfmann).


Clifford & Dennis Halfmann (Glen's brothers) purchased the first herd of Red Angus, which were direct descendants of black Angus cattle.  One of the first bulls used was Runnels Red Star (certificate above) and Tanglewood, which is where the original T brand originated from.


Glen wins the San Antonio Reserve Champion carcass of all breeds after being on feed for just 60 days.  His county agent C.T. Parker was instrumental in helping form the Red Angus Association.  C.T.'s wife Cybil Parker was the first Executive Secretary (CEO) when the Red Angus Association first operated in Ballinger, Texas (the Runnels county seat).


Glen marries Diane Book and returns to work full-time on the family operation.  The Book family was a prominent farming family in Runnels county.


Clifford serves as director on the Red Angus Association of America Board of Directors.


Cody serves as National Jr. Red Angus President., completing two terms on the Jr. Red Angus board.


Cody returns to the family operation after graduating from Texas A&M University and working at an accounting firm.  He assumes the role of managing the day-to-day operations as well as cattle breeding and development.


Clifford & Dennis Halfmann are awarded Pioneer Breeders of the Year by the Red Angus Association of America.


Chad returns to the family operation after graduating from Tarleton State University and working in the IT industry.  He leads the operations in technology and engineering.


Halfmann Red Angus holds their first organized bull sale (44 years after private treaty only sales).


Halfmann team up with Beckton Red Angus to sell cattle in their October sale.  The Forbes family are long time friends as well as foundation breeders of the Red Angus breed.


Cody Halfmann marries Laura Transom.


The Halfmanns celebrate 50 years of raising Red Angus seedstock cattle.


The new "H" brand is adopted to represent our last name.  Leaving behind the original "T" brand from our foundation Red Angus bull, Tanglewood, whose head mount you will see on our office.


Bull development is moved to headquarters where feedyard improvements are made including the installation of C-Lock Smart Feeder system.  This allows us to gather individual feed intake and feed efficiency data.  We joined the $Profit Team to help better describe our cattle.