The Halfmann name has been a family business since its inception in 1725. It began in Germany when our forefather, John Schliker, married Margaretha Meybaum , the daughter of a local farmer. Custom at the time was that the eldest son of the family inherited the parent’s estate in its entirety. However, if there was no son, the estate would pass to the daughter. John and Margaretha, upon Margaretha’s inheritance, proceeded to operate the land and share “half” of the profits with Margaretha’s father, thus originating the name “Halfmann”.

Our family farm and ranch has been operating in the U.S. since 1880 and looks forward to many more years. The family farm started with commercial Hereford cows, stocker calves, cotton, small grains and feed crops. Clifford and Dennis Halfmann bred   a Red Angus bull to commercial females and were impressed by the many traits of the Red Angus breed.  Thus, they purchased their first set of Red Angus cows in 1964 and began their breeding program.  Glen’s interest was sparked in the breed in 1968 when his 4-H Red Angus steer was Reserve Champion Carcass of all breeds at the San Antonio Exposition.

The Glen Halfmann Family continue the ranching & farming tradition producing crops of wheat, cotton, grain sorghum and feed crops which include sorghum-sudan and coastal bermuda grasses. We strive to improve the farm & ranch production capabilities through water management , fertility management, crop rotation and range management.  We continually implement new technologies to increase the efficiency in the operation due to the high demand of labor.

Glen’s sons, Chad and Cody, returned to the family operation in 2006 to continue to work full-time with the family operation.  In 2008, Halfmann Red Angus held our first annual production sale offering coming 2-year old bulls, bred females and commercial females.

In 2014, we celebrated a special milestone of 50 years of breeding Red Angus cattle.