Red Angus bulls

Red Angus


The Fertility EPD predicts differences in the calf crop percentage expected from a bull’s daughters! High Fertility EPD bulls will build cow herds with consistently better breed back and deliver a higher percentage of calves to the weaning pen. Higher Fertility also lowers cow herd culling requirements which reduces replacement rates…

Wean More Pounds Per Acre

$Ranch was developed for cow calf producers who retain their own replacements and market 100% of the steer calves and cull heifers after weaning.  Multi-generational use of $Ranch will ultimately result in: moderation in mature cow size, improved fertility, modest gains in weaning weight, improved stocking rates and ultimately – increased pounds of calf harvested per unit of feed/land resource… 

Feed Efficiency

The variation in dry matter intake within one pen of cattle can be staggering – where the “biggest eaters” are consuming twice as much per day as those with the lowest intake. When differences in DMI are considered with variation in Gain, we can calculate individual animal Feed Efficiency and ultimately a Feed Efficiency EPD, thanks to our participation in $Profit… 

Pick your Premium

Use of $Feeder in sire selection will maximize Feedlot Closeouts, but with no regard for the cow herd. Thus $Feeder should be used by herds that purchase their replacement females. Traits included in $Feeder include: Feed Intake, Post-Weaning Gain, Carcass Weight, Quality Grade (Marbling), Yield Grade